Why ionSales?

Get only the information you need, when you need it.

Enable Your Organization

You don’t sell from scattered spreadsheets and emails or from bloated, cumbersome systems that your teams don’t want to use. This solution’s design focus is to be streamlined, accessible and intuitive.

Capture business-critical data

Reduce risk of losing the details of the accounts, contacts, opportunities, contracts and leads vital to your business growth. Gather data that today sits in your sales reps heads, notepads and desktops onto a centralized platform.

Unshackle your team

Mobile, streamlined and intuitive forms free your team to enter and quickly access their data. The design team’s focus for ionSales was to reimagine how data is collected to provide an easy-to use interface that cuts out the bloat.

One-click access to targeted data

Expand your rep’s range of view with a centralized dashboard of their to-do’s, current status, as well as news articles, finance, twitter and linked-in updates related to their pipeline. Drill down into an area and see all of the related information in one place.

Engage Sales

Instant view of today’s actionable information to trigger sales. Monitor what’s working, and what’s slipping.

Spot opportunities not moving in the pipeline

Lingering deals can evaporate. Keep sight of where sales effort is needed. ionSales gives visibility on opportunity age, how long it’s sat in a stage, and who is making progress in the pipeline. Get instant, realistic perspective of which deals are still live.

React to expiring contracts

Nurture business renewals. Stay aware of what contracts are nearing their end date and what team member is responsible for ensuring renewal revenue.

Gauge pipeline value

Know what’s happening, where. Instant awareness of pipeline value from your desired viewpoint: by stage, by rep, by line of business and more. Your sales reps, sales managers, product managers and executives can get the viewpoint that relates to them.

Engage Marketing

Keep your name in front of your market. Shared sales and marketing data allows you to expand and target your reach. See what message is hitting the mark.

Mine contacts & leads

Shared, searchable data expands your reach and ability to target campaigns to match interest. Identify your campaign audience by industry, by geography, by sales rep and more.

See the heat

Assess your marketing approach by tracking campaign audience’s interest levels. Know the effectiveness by audience size, reaction and timing.

Track campaign-influenced opportunities

Quantify marketing effectiveness by tracking campaigns that open doors to sales opportunities. ionSales associates campaigns to opportunities presenting you with the ability to determine return on marketing investments.

Empower Decision Makers

Drilldown into your sales and marketing data to gauge performance from any perspective that matters to you!

Project revenue yield

Using the opportunity stage, close date and value, project revenue over time based on your historical trends. With a few clicks, you can focus your analysis on the many perspectives you need to drive informed decisions.

Analyze pipeline stage age

Gain detailed insight into how long opportunities sit in each pipeline stage. These historical trends aid in your ability to improve the accuracy of forecasting your pipeline value over time.

Compare against competitors

Discern your market position with a constantly updated competitor assessment. See who you’re competing against and how you're faring as a factor in strengthening your market position.

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