Sales Management, simplified.

Get only the information you need, when you need it.

Turn Opportunities into Revenue

Do you need to manage your sales pipeline better? Are your existing tools holding you back?

What if you could…

  • enable your teams to have real-time accurate data at their fingertips anywhere
  • know that your teams are engaging your prospects and customers more frequently and with more relevant conversations and converting more leads
  • empower your decision makers to make more informed strategic decisions more quickly

Introducing ionSales….a simplified sales management application that extends your investment in ITSM and Customer Service Management (CSM).

Built on ServiceNow®

Built as a native application on the ServiceNow® enterprise cloud platform, ionSales enables you to leverage all aspects of ServiceNow® from mobility to Performance Analytics.

ionSales is now available in the ServiceNow® store.

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Why ionSales?

Enable Your Organization

Deliver a centralized, easy-to use application to collect and leverage data vital to growing your business.

Engage Sales

Keep an eye on the actionable information you need to help trigger sales. Know your sales opportunities, who you're selling to, and how you're faring against your competition to grow your business.

Engage Marketing

Amplify your company’s visibility. See what’s working for real time insight to craft successful marketing investments.

Empower Decision Makers

Drive informed decisions with insight into your revenue forecast, pipeline flow and speed, marketing effectiveness.

Key Features

Marketing Campaigns

Manage and track campaigns and calculate their value- add. Determine which tactics land the most opportunities.

Pipeline Analytics

Pipeline Analytics provide visibility on volume and flow enabling you to focus on moving opportunities through the pipeline faster.


Flexible visibility to sales opportunities allowing you to prioritize efforts and monitor progress. Know where to focus attention to close more sales, faster.


Dashboards paint a real time snapshot of your business health and areas that need attention for the many roles that use the information to grow the business. Your management team, sales team, product managers, marketing team and your reps will be delivered actionable, drill down visibility into their area.

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